Wire and Cable

RoHS and REACH compliant, Phthalate Free, Fire Resistant, Oil Resistant, UV Resistant, Heat Resistant Compounds developed by FORPLAS. Our Compounds Suitable for Energy, Telecommunication, Data Transmission, Coaxial, Signal Control Cables etc.

  • TI 1 General Purpose insulation PVC Compound (70°C)
  • TI 2 General Purpose, flexible insulation PVC Compound (70°C)
  • TI 3 Heat Resistant insulation PVC Compound (90°C)
  • TM 1 General Purpose Sheathing PVC Compound (70°C)
  • TM 2 Flexible Cable Sheathing PVC Compound (70°C)
  • TM 3 Heat Resistant PVC Sheathing Compound (90°C)
  • TM 5 Oil Resistant (ASTM 2 Oil), Sheathing Type PVC Compound 
  • TM 51 / TM 52 / TM 53, EN 50290-2-22 Sheathing Communication Cable Types of  PVC Compound
  • ST1 IEC 60502 Sheathing PVC Compound for Power Cables (80°C)
  • ST2 IEC 60502 Sheathing PVC Compound for Power Cables (90°C)
  • PVC/A, IEC 60502 Insulation PVC Compound for Power Cables
  • Bedding General Purpose, migration-free PVC Compound for wide cable applications
  • (FR) Fire Resistant Sheathing and Insulation PVC Compounds for IEC 60332 test series
  • Special PVC Compounds for cable market requirements (Oil Resistant, Alf Hydrocarbon Resistant, Cold Resistant, Ultraviolet Resistant etc.)


For wide temperature ranges, Special PVC Compounds designed with special additives for Automotive market. These Compounds provide thin wall thickness, high extrusion speed, chemical resistant, Fire performances.
  • T2 ISO 6722 Class B (-40°C +105°C Insulation Compound)
  • T3 ISO 6722 Class C (-40°C +125°C Insulation Compound)


With the High Quality ingredient Resins, Our PVC Compounds have much more Cristal Clear Transparency. 
  • Garden Hose Series
  • Industry Hose Series
  • Agriculture Hoses for various applications

Soft PVC Compound for Injection Moulding

Our Compounds provides High-flow property while Injection process with exceptional characteristics.
  • Plugs
  • Shoe Sole
  • Traffic Security PVC parts
  • Automotive interior parts

Special PVC Compounds

FORPLAS’s expert R&D Technic team ready to develop special projects for our customer’s specific requirements.
Rigid PVC Compound for Extrusion and Injection Types
  • Rigid PVC Edge band for Furniture
  • Fittings, Joint parts
  • Electrical Conduits
  • Rigid PVC Compound for Spiral Hose
  • Special Indoor-Outdoor applications (UV Resistant)
  • Special Rigid PVC Compounds with different properties (High Flow, High Impact, Hıgh Vicat etc.)

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