Our Policy

While producing PVC Granules, acting as a leading manufacturer in the plastics industry, guiding this industry, meeting the requirements of Integrated Management Systems, benefiting from modern information and technology opportunities in line with the philosophy of continuous development together with its stakeholders under same beliefs, FORPLAS has adopted the policy of ensuring customer satisfaction and trust at the highest quality in a way to protect the savings and efficiency of resources at every point where its products are used, carrying out production by complying with legal regulations and taking all necessary measures for this as well as implementing and improving the Integrated Management System it has established. At FORPLAS, we know that our main mission is to think innovatively, and we undertake the following in line with our principle of continuous improvement and sustainable customer satisfaction;


Collecting the demands, requests, and complaints of our customers, who receive service from our company in various industries, in a single source with an open, objective, transparent, and secure manner, and evaluating these records in accordance with the law in an objective, fair, and confidential way;

Meeting the demands, expectations, and needs of internal and external related parties effectively and efficiently in order to achieve quality objectives and goals; 

Ensuring the continuous improvement of quality by including all suggestions and activities within the scope of customer satisfaction in our service and management system;

Establishing a common corporate culture that ensures gathering around the same mission, vision, and strategy by performing all necessary training activities to increase the quality awareness of each of our employees;

Meeting the defined compliance obligations by complying with the defined and applicable legal regulations with the Integrated Management Systems it implements, and ensuring the corporate and global ecosystem that aims to ensure the environmental requirements with quality and environmental factors and the safety of the employees and the continuity of work with occupational health and safety practices;

Ensuring the practices on the protection of the environment and practices that reduce all environmental aspects for a livable environment, achieving the "0" accident target practices, the safety of the service it performs, and continuous development by having taken the necessary measures to carry the organization to the future at national and international level with the functionality of the quality functions and the sustainability project, and by measuring the performance.

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